interstate drug checkpoints

There are many out-of-state drivers have been pulled over at illegal interstate drug checkpoints in Nebraska, such as the Nebraska Interstate 80 Traffic Stop. These traffic stops quickly turn into drug stops. Drivers with out-of-state license plates are being constantly profiled and targeted by law enforcement agencies along Nebraska Interstate 80. Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the police have been frantically attempting to prevent edibles, hash oil, marijuana and other derivatives from being illegally transported along the border. While you may only get fined $300 if you are found in possession of one ounce of marijuana, possessing hash oil can lead to felony charges. Moreover, possessing large amounts of marijuana can lead to Possession with the Intent to Distribute charges with up to a 50-year prison sentence.

Is It Possible To Defend Drug Charges From Illegal Interstate Drug Checkpoints In Court?

Illegal and suspicious tactics to stop drivers are being frequently used by police. Based on published Nebraska Court and Supreme Court Opinions, they do not approve of these tactics. If you find yourself facing drug charges after your vehicle was illegally stopped and searched at any such traffic stop, such charges may be dismissed. However, if you wish to protect your rights, you will have to act promptly and hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer specializing in interstate drug trafficking and Nebraska’s laws related to marijuana.

The Interstate 80 highway that runs through Nebraska is referred to as the “drug pipeline.” Drivers in possession of illegal drugs have been arrested while traveling on this highway, often in Nebraska. Police possess special drug interdiction grants that allow them to conduct special operations and they have been reinforcing their enforcement efforts with the drug money they seize.

Law enforcement officers can only stop a vehicle if they have a valid reasoninterstate drug checkpoints and only then can they search the driver and/or the vehicle for illegal drugs. As of lately, vehicles have been stopped for minor traffic offenses, especially those with out-of-state license plates, so the drivers have no choice but to agree to letting police officers search their vehicle for drugs.

“Ruse checkpoints” or illegal interstate drug checkpoints are also being used by police, with signs placed along the Interstate 80 highway informing motorists that they have to stop at the drug checkpoint ahead. However, these checkpoints do not really exist, rather there always tends to be an exit before the supposed checkpoint and many motorists end up making minor traffic infractions after using that exit. They are then stopped and have to give their consent to be searched, often by a K-9 unit, and many of these searches lead to a felony drug arrest.

Out-of-state motorists must keep in mind that they have legal rights that prevent law enforcement officers from illegally profiling and targeting them. Officers must have probable cause or reasonable suspicion in order to pull over a vehicle. Hence, if you ever face a drug arrest, make sure you contact a professional criminal defense lawyer to find out if you a have a valid legal defense.

What To Do When Facing Drug Charges From Illegal Interstate 80 Drug Checkpoints?

Do not let your life get ruined by an Interstate 80 traffic stop. Your future will depend on the decision you make today, and the decision you should be making is to get in touch with the right lawyer who has been providing experienced and professional criminal defense services for years. The lawyer you hire should have represented plenty of clients across Nebraska and should be reliable enough to protect your freedom, legal rights, and reputation.